The people behind the success stories of ASIS and CISM are Mr W D Anthony and Ms Jessie Wong respectively. Together, they formed a sound Management-On-the-Ground Team which ensures a professional, reliable and honest operation which guarantees that Client’s interests are protected systematically and professionally.


Anthony’s Special Investigation Service was founded by W D Anthony (WDA) the Chairman and Managing Director who has provided the excellent guidance necessary to establish the firm at the top of the ladder for the last thirty-five years. WDA himself has earned recognition as Singapore’s top Private Investigator and Security Consultant and is well known in the Asia Pacific region. Anthony is the only one whose face has graced the cover page of ASIAWEEK, an honour usually reserved for the likes of international celebrities like Prime Ministers and Presidents.

WDA has the unique distinction of being conferred the prestigious TRUTH IN ACTION AWARD by the World Association of Detectives Inc. in 1986.

WDA’s professional affiliations include
American Society for Industrial Security
(Singapore Chapter)
Chairman 1986 – 1994
Regional Vice President
(Region XXXII) 1995 - 2003
ASIS International Member
World Association of Detectives Inc Member
Council of International Investigators Member
World Safety Organisation Member
Security Association Singapore Founder & Life Member

WDA began his career in the Singapore Government Service as a teacher and later as a Gazetted Senior Officer of Customs in the Customs & Excise Department. He had his investigative and prosecution training in the Customs Department where he obtained his Law I, II and III qualifications.

WDA has contributed to most if not all major security and investigation seminars and or conventions in the region as a speaker and / or chairman.

WDA and Anthony’s have been highlighted by mass media coverage via Press, Radio & TV locally and regionally. WDA has been featured on prime TV slots on Friday Background, Current Affairs, Asia Business News and in 1996 Things People Do. In addition, Mr. Anthony is also the Author of Singapore’s best seller - AFFAIRS OF A ROVING EYE.


Jessie Wong is currently the Managing Director of the security firm, CORPORATE INTELLIGENCE & SECURITY MANAGEMENT (CISM).

Accumulating wide experience from a legal and a leading accounting firm, Jessie joined Anthony’s in 1974 as a Secretary. Soon she was put in charge of Finance & Administration. In this position, she took over responsibility of administering the security and investigation services.

Of the services provided by Anthony’s, Jessie ensured that the company complies with the legal requirements under the Private Investigation & Security Agencies Act, 1973.

Manpower management is also Jessie’s forte and with her much appreciated effort, the security services of Anthony's had almost no turnover in manpower over the years.

Jessie decided that Anthony’s reflected more of investigation and thus she was the brain behind the move to incorporate Corporate Intelligence & Security Management Pte Ltd. and got the company accredited as a Certified Security Agency by the Security Association, Singapore.

Jessie has also attended almost all Security and Investigation Seminars / Conferences locally and overseas in the pursuit of security knowledge and enhancement of professionalism.

Jessie’s professional affiliations include
ASIS International Member
ASIS International (Singapore Chapter) Member
Security Association, Singapore Member
Council of International Investigators Member


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